Python-interface for Sparse-TIR

Program transformations


Lower sparse iterators in Sparse TIR.


Lower sparse buffers in Sparse TIR.

format_decompose(mod, composable_formats[, ...])

Rewrite the sparse format of sparse buffers in the TIR scripts.

specialize_buffer(mod, buf_name, idx_map)

Specialize a buffer in an IRModule with given buffer name and index map function.

Composable Format Description

FormatRewriteRule(name, new_format_desc, ...)

Format rewriting rule.

Format Conversion Routines

condense(indptr_nd, indices_nd, t, g)

Condense sparse matrix in CSR format to (t x 1) tiles, and group g tiles together.

column_part_hyb(num_rows, num_cols, ...)

Partition input CSR matrix by columns and collect rows into buckets according to non zero elements per row.

csf_to_ell3d(csf_indptr_0, csf_indices_0, ...)

Convert CSF format to composable ELL format in 3-dimensional setting (HeteroGraphs).